I woke up to the tail end of an interview on “Morning Edition” today. A musician has written a book called “Practicing” and i guess instead of saying he’s “playing” the guitar, he’s “practicing” the guitar. He sounded a bit like a long-haired, bearded, flower child, but his thought process was clear. He thinks Americans have forgotten that to be great at anything, you must practice. And there will be failure along the way. Days after my “new year” has begun it’s a great reminder. Instead of being afraid of the failure, why not embrace it fully, learn what you can from it, and than plow on forward? It seems a life filled with failed relationships, degree plans, career paths, etc. is still “full” and doesn’t that make it better than an empty one? Cheers to a new year and all of the practicing which it brings!


2 thoughts on “Practicing

  1. Practicing is a good word! It leaves room for growth and growth…it’s a nice thing. Let’s call our failures something along the lines of “pruning seasons.” We failed but new spurts grow in and it’s stronger and prettier. There’s a lot of learning going on during those seasons! And aren’t we thankful for them?

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