I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile. It started out with the title “Social Sushi”, which I think was meant to be a rant about how amazingly refreshing it is to sit at a table with people you know, dripping in the comfort of their acceptance and familiarity, eating sushi, or whatever the social course is for that day, just enjoying the company. I had done this with some friends in BA on the day I started the post. I don’t do that enough. At the time, I couldn’t figure out the message of the thought, so I never finished writing it.

I saved another post recently called “The North wind blows”, which was supposed to be a very allegorical moral about how the North wind is bringing much change this fall, but it started out poorly, so I decided to kill it before the middle or end could develop.

Truth be told I’m constantly writing beginnings and middles for thoughts, ideas, stories, hopes, dreams, wishes, but rarely ever are they paired with endings. That wouldn’t be so bad if I went ahead and let the beginnings and the middles grow, but without the end in sight, I kill the first bit and feel left with nothing.

These beginnings that never are, matter very little in the .blogspot world, but they mean a lot to me as I learn to stay on the path with Christ. It’s so easy to lose sight of the path right in front of me, when I am straining to see where the twists and curves lead. How easily I lose sight that my path mate knows the end, and if I just stay next to him He will lead me to grad school or seminary, England, or Asia, parenthood or singleness, freedom or slavery, life or death.

How overwhelming to know a God who works this way. And how grateful I am for the courage to start.


One thought on “Starting

  1. The cool thing is that when you do get to the end, when you look at the start is more meaningful than when you are actually there.

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