kimbop vs. black eyed peas

I asked a friend over on New Year’s day for dinner. She said she was going to eat beans at a colleagues house, so she couldn’t make it. I thought, “Weird dinner plan, but ok.” Back at work the next day, I kept hearing snippets of conversation about New Year’s plans, and most of them involved eating black eyed peas. It hit me. Eating the “peas” on New Year’s day is a tradition in the states. It’s for good luck in the new year. Here’s the thing, I did not know this until New Year’s 2007. Maybe it’s a southern thing, and since my parents grew up in New England, they didn’t know to bring the peas with them to Oklahoma. Maybe it’s a “luck” think and my parents didn’t believe in it. For whatever reason, I’ve never eaten black eyed peas on New Year’s day or any other day, for that matter. SO, I welcomed the new year with a Korean tradition: Kim (seaweed). There is a special kim soup eaten in the the new year to ensure health and prosperity are yours; or eat it on your birthday, and you’ll live a long life. I’m not a huge fan of the soup, but I do love the kim, so happy 2008 and feel free to join me as I ring in prosperity and health with chamchi (tuna) kimbop (seaweed & rice) all January long!


One thought on “kimbop vs. black eyed peas

  1. this dinner looks so good! Wish I could’ve been there. We do grapes…one for each of the 12 months of the year!!love, mimi

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