Haiku in the morning:

Cup of joy warming
my hands and heart to greet a
bitter wind with cheer.

Spent the day at the Oklahoma Institute for Teaching East Asia (aka my office). Made a master list of spring 2008 projects, which include the following:
Principal Shadowing Project to China
Chinese Bridge summer camp
Chinese Language contest
Chinese New Year celebration
Book Discussion enrichment project
Contemporary Japan seminar
NCTA Seminar on East Asia
Library grant orders
Language grant reimbursements
Association for Asian Studies conference
National Chinese Language conference
Spring enrichment for Japan

Finished the day by learning the phonetic sounds in the Chinese “alphabet”, four tones of the language, and basic phrases. Had this conversation with fellow classmate:
AW: Ni hao.
JT: Ni hao.
AW: Wo jiao Alan.
JT: Wo jiao Jennifer.
AW: Zaijian.
JT: Zaijian.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my life? Well, I do! I’m minutes from restful sleep, counting up all of my many blessings!


One thought on “Intercultural

  1. Ni Hao Jennipah teacha!Lovely mug and tastey tea. Wish you were with me. so we could be SILLY!There’s my contribution to poetry.

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