I’ve been wearing my pajamas, sitting in a chair in my living room, watching “Pretty Woman” for hours. There are dishes in the sink, on the stove, and in the dishwasher. Clothes in the washer, the dryer, and strewn about my bedroom. Stacks of papers that need to be sorted, books to read, cards to make, letters to write, stories to tell, but it’s all on hold.

I’m tired and I’ve been fighting a cold, so tonight I’m giving in to irresponsibility and sitting still. In my stillness, I’ve been listening to thoughts, which have been running around all day. These thoughts center on belief; specifically whether or not I believe that making sacrifices now will reap benefits later. That idea was a favorite argument in debate rounds in college, but today I’ve been wondering is it true? And if it is, do I really believe? And if I do, does it change my worldview?


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