Something New

As I drove to church Sunday morning, I clicked off the cd which was skipping and accidentally landed in the middle of Weekend Edition’s interview with Dar Williams, the musician. She has seven albums under her belt, and more than ten years of experience, but she’s new to me, and her brand new album “Promised Land” is full of the smart lyrics and orange tones that beg to be played throughout the fall–the slow down, which should be filled with nostalgia, reflection, joy, and all the other things that help form a balanced perspective. You can listen to songs from the album for free at I especially like “The Tide Falls Away” and what she has to say about that song in particular: “So, yes, perspective will happen, and it will really be a reward for all of this mess that you’re slogging through right now.”

One more new thing is the book “In Transit: What do you do with your wait?”, which is a Bible study book for groups produced by Threads, the 20-something team at Lifeway. It’s a six week study, which provides perspective and guidance as you wait proactively for whatever it is that God has in store next. I bought the book Friday, while volunteering at the merchandise table for a Lifeway Connect Conference at church. (I was definitely drawn in by Jim Halpert on the cover.) I’m excited to ponder through it in the coming weeks. I’m reading it alone, but let me know if you pick up a copy. We can both share what we’re learning! Download a free sample of the book from


One thought on “Something New

  1. Hey, I’m on the Threads team at LifeWay. Thanks for helping out at the Connect Conference. Hope you like In Transit. We would love to hear your feedback! Make sure to stay connected with everyone at Threads- and Facebook. Have a great week.

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