"Ding! Wrap it up!"

(I found this post in my “drafts”.  Apparently I decided not to use it in conjunction with the Debate Bingo photos, but I think there are some highlights, so I’m posting it now…March 12, 2009.  Enjoy!)

AT has this over knowledgeable coworker who likes to share his wisdom with the free world. He filled her in on a Dave Chapelle (I think) bit where he had a bell to “Ding!” when someone needed to wrap up a struggling story, doomed for a meaningless end. In a moment of complete brilliance, AT turned the table on her coworker and in the middle of one of his never- ending tales, she encouraged the end with “Ding! Wrap it up!” Too bad we didn’t get this information to Tom Brokaw before tonight’s debate. He would have been able to use it at least ten times throughout the last 90 minutes. Why is it so hard for presidential candidates to answer questions? Barack Obama is the projected winner of the debate, but I’m not so sure either candidate won anything. The goal of the “town hall” was for candidates to convince the undecided voters in the room (and the nation) that he is the best choice for president, and I’m doubtful either was able to do that while dancing in circles around the other. The real winner of the debate? ME! And everyone who played “Debate Bingo” while watching the rhetoric. Thanks, Mr. Obama for kicking things off with “financial crisis” and “middle class”. “Pork barrel” and “ear marked” popped up shortly, along with “education”, “tax cuts” and “climate change”. And thanks to the “FREEDOM” space, I had five in a row in the first thirty minutes!


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