Poured Out

For the last four weeks, our church has been studying John 17 through a sermon series called “Poured Out”. The focus is Jesus (obviously) and His prayer in the garden before crucifixion. So much has been revealed through this series. There’s months of ideas and truth to process, but this morning hit the nail on the head (especially considering thoughts from last night) when our pastor (Alex Himaya) challenged us to have a new view of holiness. One that’s separate from our achievement, consumer-centered culture. One that doesn’t produce isolation. The new view changes everything. It lets you love, everyone, wherever they are, without expectations, with everything you have. The new definition (or the OLD one, since it’s the only one that fits inside the image of God found in Scripture) reads like this: “Holiness is God’s workers full of God’s Word, doing God’s work in the world.” Read it for yourself.  John 17.  Listen to the sermons that correspond for free, and then be changed.


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