The April issue of “Martha Stewart Living Magazine”, which I had the rare privilege to read cover to cover, marking tabs and making notes page to page, was organized around the prefix “Re”, which was defined on page 115 as “again, anew – as in REVITALIZE, to give new life to familiar favorites; as in REARRANGE, to put elements into a fresh and appealing order; as in RENEW, to restore or renovate with an updated approach; as in REFRESH, to review and perfect essential skills; as in REVIVE, to flourish again, to enliven.” The sticky note tab I put on the page reads, “Re”, which in retrospect is probably the worst “note” I’ve ever written in a margin.  Still, I know what I meant.  And what I meant was, “Don’t forget about this tiniest of prefixes, which makes all the above passions possible, and more importantly, makes these possible – RESURRECTION, RESTORATION, and REDEMPTION.”  Now THAT is a great marginal note.  Today, the pressure and the practicality of all the “again, anew”, which I’m blessed to have raging before me, is overwhelming.  But, I’m banking that the hope and power of “again, anew”, will sustain.


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