Turn up the heat


What twinkles better than lights in a jar? This little circle of friends is a nice substitute for a fire place.

I had to drive across town this morning to get a parking permit from the UMKC main campus. It’s a perfect, rainy, gray day. The smell of the heater turning on for the first time in my car transported me to somewhere in my history. It’s a place filled with twinkle lights, wool socks, Christmas music, and hot tea. I love that place and want to go there soon. First, I’m spending the day under flouresent lights, drinking QuickTrip coffee, editing excel charts, and hoping contentment will fall on me like rain.


2 thoughts on “Turn up the heat

  1. I love your candles! What a fabulous idea. I wonder if they would look good amid all my school papers & junk mail piled in the kitchen…

    I appreciate all of your comments lately. You are such a dear! And I’m so proud of your move to KC & how you are living your life.

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