He'll be waiting.

Two weeks ago, on a beautifully mild Saturday morning, I headed over to Kansas City’s River Market.  CC  introduced me to this place when I was still just a visitor in the city.  I’m especially grateful for the introduction now that I’m a resident!  I try to go every other weekend or so.  As the weather cools, I heard (from the Habashi House lady) the vendors abandon their outdoor stands until it warms.  Of course this makes sense, but I hadn’t considered that rows of colorful produce, boxes of bright mums, and tables full of earthy spices would disappear as winter paints everything gray, and I need them most.  Luckily I had the comfort of the most delicious hummus on the earth (thanks, again to the Habashi House lady) as I thought over this news.  Inspired by genuine Greek olives, I vowed to make my trips to City Market even more frequent and to make good on a plan I’ve had for a while to actually “meet” the spice guy, who scoops joy into a plastic bag and sells it for $1.00.  If you’ve never been to City Market and you live in Kansas City, go immediately before you have to hunker down through bleak winter.  Don’t leave without Habashi House hummus and maybe a scoop or five from Mr. Mohammad.  I told him I loved his spices and that my friends and I never left City Market without stopping by his table of wonders.  He beamed and said, “Come every week!  I’ll be waiting for you!  And God bless you.”  “He has,”  I thought as I walked away.  I’m looking forward to starting this weekend with a coffee and chat with Mr. Mohammad as he scoops up cinnamon, habiscus, and maybe some curry?  I’m still working on my list!


3 thoughts on “He'll be waiting.

  1. I am so jealous for the beautiful lay out of the fruits and veggies. Our little farmers market doesn’t cut it compared to this. How many more weeks do you have to enjoy their fare?

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