Yellow and Orange have climbed all the trees on Charlotte Street.

Living in Midtown Kansas City means every street between my apartment, office, and church has been the set for hundreds of years of history.  Reminders are everywhere.  I’m working hard to become a part of the story.  If you came to visit and saw the wisdom in the trees, the wrinkles on the houses, and the volume of characters already written in, you’d want to join too.  Midtown’s story (like all others) is written by an immeasurably creative God, who put inside of each of His creation–man and plant and animal–creativity and beauty and wonder.  Once you catch on to the pattern, you can’t stop seeing it.  You can’t stop cheering, too because all of a sudden you realize “sovereign” means something and then you BELIEVE IT and your heart explodes with hope because (Job said it first in 19:25) we have a living REDEEMER who in the end will stand. Midtown’s set is decked out for the Autumn 2009 act of her story, and its incredible.  Really.  If you drive South on Charlotte from 31st, you’ll gasp at least three times before you even get to 34th because there is no way to explain how you feel when you see a tree on fire in yellow and orange and red.  Winter will come and gray will cover everything, but I pray Midtown will rejoice in the goodness of our Creator, who knowing our hearts would grow weary, painted everything vibrant as a promise of His faithfulness. 


One thought on “Yellow and Orange have climbed all the trees on Charlotte Street.

  1. I am so glad you are enjoying fall with “real” trees. We still miss the fall in VT. When we would drive down streets in VT that were like that or the parks with the old trees it could take your breath away with the beauty. No matter how many postcards you try to buy to capture the beauty there is no substitute for being there inhaling the beauty of Fall. God is so totally amazing that he gives us that beauty to enjoy.

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