A favorite fall verse

Last year, my friend CC  began to amass a list of all her favorite fall songs–the ones that evoke nostalgia and longing.  I love that game.  This little verse doesn’t have any music, but it is printed in a song book “Songs from Around a Toadstool Table” and I think deserves to be added to anyone’s list of favorite fall songs.  I thought I’d share it with you in case you agree:

An Autumn Play Day
-Rowena Bennett

Oh, Mother, may I go and play?
For all the world is playing;
The little leaves have run away,
And I can see them straying
In crimson shoes across the lawn,
Or practicing balleting.

The shadows play at hide-and-seek
Between the rows of stubble,
And every thistle stem has blown
A white and foamy bubble.

Around their holes the little moles
All play at blind man’s buffing;
The wind is turning somersaults
With panting and with puffing.

The chipmunks play a light croquet
And scamper through the thickets,
With partridge berries for their balls
And bended twigs for wickets.

A dozen squirrels with tails in curls
And feet both swift and nimble
Have found a little acorn cup
For playing hide the thimble.

Oh, I would run and join the fun
Without the least delaying;
Please, Mother, let me go and play,
For all the world is playing.


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