My friend Nick always likes to shout out, “KOREA!” whenever he sees me.  It’s a pretty good system, I guess.  I mean, if I’m in a store and someone yells out, “JEN!” there’s a good chance at least five other people will turn to see who’s calling their name.  BUT if “KOREA!” is yelled in place of my name, I’m sure to turn around and smile.  Korea has a special place in my heart as my first home after college.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because we have decided to pray for South Korea this month at church and because two friends I met while teaching in South Korea came to visit last weekend.  Yeah!  I love memories, nostalgia, and friends.  I’ve got a million thoughts about my experience and ideas about how to pray for South Korea that I want to share soon.  For now, I’m posting this photo of David, Andy, and Peter (obviously their English names at school) because I love it and I thought some of you would love it too.  I miss seeing these faces everyday.  More soon!



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