Book Love

Last weekend I headed to Tulsa with CC to hang out with the family and treasure hunt at the 50th anniversary Holland Hall Book Fair.  I told a friend a couple of weeks before that I couldn’t make a Tulsa event on Feb 20 because I would be in town on the 27 for the book fair.  “That must be one incredible book fair,” she said.  And it is.  Not everyone will understand, of course, because not everyone swoons over printed words on paper, bound up and given a funky cover.  I do swoon, though.  Authors are my celebrities and sports stars.  When I see certain names on the covers of books, I feel giddy and full of expectation.  Now imagine hundreds, maybe thousands of these bound up volumes organized by categories, strewn about a middle school on tables and in boxes waiting to be discovered.  Maybe you’re thinking, “Snooze fest.”  I’m thinking, “INCREDIBLE!”  I walked away with a few fun finds, including some zanny recipe and party planning books, which I’m hoping to put to good use soon.

Top to bottom: Romeo and Juliet (My favorite!), Notes on Shakespeare, Casserole Specialties (mainly because it was printed in 1955 and has such a cute cover), W. Sommerset Maugham’s (LOVE him) best of Kipling, Roman Poetry (to help develop my first century perspective for class), and Literary England (filled with photographs of famous locations in English poems and stories).

Another book I’m seriously crazy about, with an author I love more than I can spread wide my arms (because he’s my nephew) was delivered right to my door step a couple of weeks ago.  It was written and illustrated by the six year old creative genius MAH.  That kid is awesome.  I opened the package with the book entitled “The Lost Heart” while we were chatting over video via Skype and he was so excited he was covering his mouth with both hands and giggling uncontrollably.  I gasped, of course when I saw that he wrote me a book for Valentine’s Day.  I said, “I LOVE this!”  And he said, “I KNEW you would.”  He and his mom used their grammar time at school for a whole week to think this up and then make it a reality.  There’s something really amazing about that and it fills up my heart.  That is some good book love.

I told you.  He’s awesome.  A story with shiny pink hearts that are rescued from Saturn by a jet pack wearing hero?  Genius!   I love this story and love the heart behind it.  Can’t wait to see that kid and trap him with hugs until he sings for his freedom.


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