Inspired by Tuesday

It’s raining, but I can’t see it because I’m stuck inside where there are no windows.  WHO designs a building like this? I wonder.  I’m fickle about sunshine and rain, liking them both in turn and longing for one or the other depending (On what?  I have no idea.  It just happens.).  Unable to control the weather, I like to fill up my senses with things that remind me of either rain or sun (Once again depending…)  Today I’m thinking about sunny sun and looking at these for inspiration:

Joy in a cup, on a shelf, in a curtain. These are all from Anthropologie a couple of seasons ago. I still love them.

LOVE the possibility of these cans. Wish I was splattering these pale walls right now!

Heather Bailey is my favorite designer of fabrics. Her blog is FULL of sunshine. Seriously, packed with it. This is a gift her friend made for her. Genius!

If you can't see the sun, you might as well surround yourself with some kicking lights that simulate it.

I don't know what could bring more sunshine than a vintage turquoise typewriter. I'm SO on the hunt for one of these.


2 thoughts on “Inspired by Tuesday

  1. Hahaha. I looked at the first picture (caption down off the bottom of the page) and told Jeff “That looks like Anthropologie.”

    Yeah, I can call it. There’s not an Anthropologie store in KC is there? I love that place. One day I want to just walk in and get whatever I want. If I got a chance on What Not To Wear, I’d go to Anthropologie first. I’d spend it all there. Bliss. 😉

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