I remember once in undergrad, staring open mouthed in complete stunned silence right after my professor told my class, “If you study about eight hours for the test, you should make a B”.  Seriously?  EIGHT hours for a “B”?  Before that freshman semester I had never in my life spent eight hours studying for one test in one subject.  But, trusting Dr. Reeves knew what he was talking about (as author of the test), I studied the pants off that midterm, and I annihilated it.  I felt proud.  I know I’m valued because I’m made in the image of an all power, all knowing, all loving, all good God, but every once in a while I do enjoy a little gold star cherry on top.  Tonight I took my first test as a graduate student and walked away equally proud, but also really grateful to the Lord who opened up my brain and helped me see how apologetics fits together with philosophy (This was making me crazy!), to Mrs. Palmer for teaching me to think with syllogisms, deductive reasoning, and without logical fallacy in eleventh grade, and to my undergrad professors whose wisdom I’m starting to fully appreciate.


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