A green renovation

I like change…which I control (i.e. choosing a different brand of cereal every time, changing up my schedule, rearranging furniture, etc.) Usually change, which I don’t control is a tad bit harder to swallow.  My friend/pastor AC would diagnose that I have a problem/idol with control.  He’s right, of course (although I’m not convinced singing the word “CONTROL” whenever he notices I’m fighting to get control is necessary).  I pray for God’s mercy to help my unbelief and give me courage for the unknown daily and God provides.

Still, I like to mix things up every once in a while.  This also reminds me, in the midst of my mostly mundane (filled with tasks, but obviously not boring) life, that there are adventures out there and I can be a part of them.  In that vein (you’re certainly wondering how all this introduction leads to a renovation), I painted my dining room!  Yes!  Color! (That’s right, THREE exclamation points in a row.) Our apartment management company encourages tenants to paint their apartments and they promise to paint it back when you leave without any extra fees, which is awesome, BUT I like to pretend that I’m not allowed to paint the walls, which makes the fact that I did even more adventurous. Listen, you’ve got to find adventure where you can!  So, in honor of adventure on this very green day, I present the before and after of my slightly green dining room.  Enjoy!

The window wall in my dining room before prepping and painting.

Corner and second wall before prepping and painting!


I called my sister to clue her in on my progress and realized my technique was all wrong, so after this I cut in all the corners FIRST.

Green.  Celedon Green, to be exact.  Shout out to Korea, makers of celedon pottery.

Green! Celedon Green, to be exact. Shout out to Korea, makers of celedon pottery.

Yep, that's a step ladder. I use it constantly. I. am. short.

48 hours after the first coat, everything was back in place!

Thanks to Urban Mining and the Salvation Army store in Tulsa, green abounds!


One thought on “A green renovation

  1. Yes! I love the green. It’s even more beautiful in person. Love the green vases and the green ties for the beautifully hung curtains. Nice work friend.

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