April Showers

It’s not original as far as titles go.  I know this.  You know this.  I like to state the obvious.  There wasn’t very much physical rain this month, but emotional showers abounded as my dear sweet friend lost her mother and the founding professor of the Bob R. Derryberry School of Communication, whose instruction and friendship literally changed my life passed away.  Both deaths were completely unexpected.  I rejoice that these two souls are safe and whole in the presence of the Father, but ache with these families left behind who feel broken.

My friend CC sent me a quote from the Desiring God blog this morning, which reminds me of our powerful hope in Christ: “Death is an enemy. It’s true that we saints will temporarily succumb to it until Jesus returns. But we won’t make peace with death. Its days are numbered. Jesus removed its sting. On our way to be with him, we kick death in its toothless mouth. We only surrender to Jesus.”

“We only surrender to Jesus.”  I love this.  It’s like a raincoat and boots giving me the power to fight in the rain.


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