Catching up

It’s been quite a whirlwind of 30 days, so to hopefully catch up, I’m just throwing pictures at you. It’s random, so prepare yourself and take heart because the end of the semester is coming soon, which means saying “Good-bye” to weekends spent with stacks of library books, coffee, and Mac, the computer, and saying “Hello!” to reading fiction, watching old movies at Crown Center, scouring garage sales, eating shaved ice, enjoying face time with friends, and posting regular blog updates.  Summer and all of her freedom are coming so soon.

At this time last month, I was winding down at the end of a crazy weekend, which culminated in a baby shower for the Perry friends, who are now enjoying the cuddly goodness of their beautiful baby girl! My friend CC and I made this fabric garland using a template from The Purl Bee:

April shower success with a gorgeous afternoon. There's the lovely AP, honored mama, amidst friends and whimsy pompoms!

I kind of have a thing for pompoms. Thankfully they were the perfect addition to this happy party. If you're looking to maximize your craft satisfaction, you have to make these pompoms. Use the tutorial from

I just LOVE a vintage glass jar.

May kicked off with a visit from some Tulsa friends. We toured the city May 1 and 2 and filled my apartment with more laughter than I ever thought could fit. Come back soon!

Seriously. I can't stop laughing. This. Photo. Kills. Me.

Papers and homework have been piling up all semester, but as soon as May hit, they actually had to be finished. This is pretty much what every May weekend has looked like.

As the pressure to finish projects mounted, my insane capacity for procrastination set in, so I organized...everything. AND in some cases, like this one here, I re-arranged things.

THEN, in my extended procrastination, I found this blog of so many inspiring ideas, I had to shut down my computer before I lost my mind. It's called the Ruffled Blog and you can find it here: You're welcome.

I MAY be obsessed with the Ruffled Blog. OK. I definitely am. But, seriously. How could I not be obsessed when there is an entire post about mismatched vintage chairs?! When I look at this photo, my heart rejoices. I can't get enough of that!

Rounded out these last 30 days with another fun party. This time to celebrate our friend MS as she turns 21. Based on her love of all things vintage and all things fun, CC and I put together a super fun vintage game inspired decor.

Lime green, white, silver, and turquoise. Don't you just love a party in that palate?

Which brings us back to today. Another rainy spring day spent procrastinating (cleaning and arranging) and preparing for finals. Five days to go before I bid this semester a fond farewell and usher in a summer of Midtown bliss.


One thought on “Catching up

  1. Sooooo pretty!!

    I was thinking we should try crafty night this weekend but I bet you are busy. Maybe in another 2 weeks? We’ll be in Tulsa for Memorial Day weekend…

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