Meet Henry

A few years ago my sister Melissa and I were shopping Tulsa garage sales and came across an over stuffed chair named Plum.  She’s purple and even though I know we weren’t looking for chairs on this adventure, I couldn’t walk away without her.  She’s settled in nicely to two apartments in two states since then.  Recently, in my January frenzy to get organized, declutter, and make way for a more focused year, I rearranged all the furniture in my living room and noticed Plum could really use a small ottoman friend.  And yesterday, I found one!  I waited very impatiently for 4pm, so I could trade my office for this great vintage shop in the Crossroads called Thistle.  It’s a new “vintage studio” in KC open the first Friday weekend of the month (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and it’s full of vintage home goods, which deserve a chance to share your life.  There, around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I spotted Henry.  A mid century leather hassock looking for a friend.  So, I brought him home and introduced him to Plum.  I’m sure happily ever after is in their future!



2 thoughts on “Meet Henry

  1. I am in utter shock of how you made a simple “purchase of an ottoman” into a story of love! This would not have been possible without the naming of the chair or ottoman. Your story telling capabilities never cease to astound!

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