there's kind of a lot to say

I bought a house today. There’s a whole story that goes behind and around this sentence, but right now I just wanted to say it in the most out loud place I could think of … the internet. I bought a house. It’s all sinking in VERY very slowly. For months, I’ve kept a LOT of emotion in a pressure cooker. I thought it was the right thing to do, the proper way to guard my heart. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. (More on this later.) For now, I’m exhausted and excited and generally overwhelmed. I can’t believe God’s faithfulness (Probably part of the pressure cooker problem.) and the extreme generosity of friends and family throughout the process (Full disclosure on said process in a bit.), or that I own just under 2,000 square feet and a yard that has been in the neighborhood for 100+ years, but it’s all true. God is faithful. My friends and family are insanely generous. And I am a permanent resident in Midtown Kansas City.

That’s all I’ve processed so far, but I’ll be back soon.


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